A 12A Hel HF Eksamen

HF-Centret Efterslægten is a unique Copenhagen upper secondary institution. Efterslægten is a big house, containing both two-year classes, single-subject courses, facilities for self-learning study and "Net-HF" (internet-based, interactive learning) - altogether about 1500 students between the ages of 17 and 70, and a staff of about 100.

At HF-Centret Efterslægten we wish the students to acquire not only academic, but also general, personal and social competences in order to prepare them for further studies and for a life as participating citizens in a democratic society.

With a house full of people from all walks of life and backgrounds we provide a tolerant and constructive educational environment based on mutual respect and equality . One of our mottos is: It is fun when it is serious.

The name 'Efterslægten" dates back to 1786 and the school's founding fathers whose still existing motto for the school is "non nobis", Latin for 'Not for ourselves', meaning not for our own immediate benefit, but to the benefit of generations ('slægten') after ('efter') us.


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